Frequently asked questions

What is an automation?

Automations are anything that can be executed within a single cluster. Such as document events, UI page renders, queue item execution or API calls.

Queue limit?

A queue limit is the limit on the quantity of queue items a single cluster can run concurrently. Other queue items will postpone execution till more execution-space is available.

What is lowest queue?

This is the minimum time interval the queue permits for setting items. For instance, if the minimum is 10 seconds, an execution cannot occur more frequently than once every 10 seconds. If it's 1 second, you can set a queue item to repeat every second.

What is a cluster?

A cluster provides a secure environment where your automations run, and within which your documents and databases are contained. If you wish to link your data across different clusters, you'd need to create a custom API gateway for inter-cluster connections.

What does execution time mean?

The 'Execution time maximum' refers to the longest duration, in seconds, that an automation can run. This ensures that any action being executed will halt after the specified time. This setting affects pages, recurring events, custom functions, and queue items.

What is database storage?

Database storage pertains to the size of documents you keep in either custom or system storages. Every key, along with its associated value, contributes to the overall storage capacity.

What is max. revisions?

The 'Maximum revisions time' indicates how long your revisions will be retained in our primary, warm, and cold storages. While older revisions might be preserved in backups, they won't be as readily accessible as the more recent ones.

What does max filesize mean?

The maximum file size indicates the largest file size we permit within a cluster. Thus, you can't store an individual file that exceeds this size. However, you can save multiple files as long as their combined size doesn't surpass the overall storage limit.

What is file storage?

We allocate a specified amount of space in our block storages for cluster use. These files are backed up and stored with cold encryption. The maximum storage limit indicates that the total file size should not exceed this threshold.

Where hosted?

By default, we host your cluster in the EU across several AWS clusters based there. These clusters collaborate to ensure optimal uptime. Should you wish to host in the USA or another AWS region, please reach out to us.