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webapplications faster.

Rual is used for CRM, ERP, ESB, IMS, PCE, websites, online portals and workflow automation.

Accelerate time to market

From idea to launch within a week, Rual makes it possible. Building, prototyping or testing your idea is easy and affordable. Implement changes anytime you like with simple one-button deployment.

Use your own design

Rual is the only low-code solution that works with any HTML template. Incorporate your own brand identity for consumer facing applications and incompany systems. No compromises, the exact look & feel.

Get superhuman speed

Low-code speeds up development, but what about the application itself? Worry no more. Measuring request times in tenths of milliseconds, we are easily 2000x faster.
Speed is what Rual stands for.

Develop in Rual Studio.

Rual Studio is a multiplayer, visual development environment. The back-end code is packed into blocks that contain from just a few words up to hundreds of lines of code.

Developers appreciate the flexibility in programming choices and extensive simulation and debugging options.

Designers love the option to tweak the design directly from the web page.

Business owners easily recognize the flow and logics, removing communication barriers. Most of all they appreciate the flexibility to make changes in the web application at any time.

Example Blueprint
Rual Platform

Build on Rual Platform.

Rual Platform provides a modern, secure architecture that is optimized for scaling and speed.

Use our built-in dashboards to control storages (ElasticSearch), user scopes and authentication, queues, events, API traffic (websockets), nodes (stateless network) and user activity.

Our promise: plug & play

Rual is a robust, accessible development base. Open in your browser and start building your first page within 5 minutes!

Rual. Development technology.

Build future proof applications

Scale effortlessly whenever needed. Never refactor code again. Pay only for active users and storage. Rual fits your future size.

Rual. Performance driven.

Make teamwork productive

Edit realtime with 2, 3 or more. Prototype and build at once. Engage your whole team: developers, designers and product owners.

Rual. Let's code together.


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