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Hello World Page Example Hello World Blueprint Example
Blueprint Storage Selector

#01.Create Blueprint

Start dragging lines from blocks and experience how easy you can build pages, data-driven events or request third-party APIs.

#02.View and use

To see your page that you just saved live, skipping the minutes of deployment, hit view in your blueprint to see what your visitors would experience.

#03.Ready for public use

While people visit your pages live, we provide you with debugging features and the posibility to track user actions and workflows realtime.

Work with multiple people in the same blueprint realtime.

Deploy to production in seconds not minutes.

Human friendly data-storage everyone understands.

Can be privately hosted to make performance more predictable.

Rual Studio Dashboard

Easy to manage

With the Rual Studio you'll be able to get realtime insights to how the platform is performing, how many people are visiting your pages and how they interact.

You'll see the running, pending and executed queue items. What kind of storage events are triggered and what blueprints they use.

We've made it extremely easy to combine the studio where you work in and the platform pages you and your visitors see, allowing realtime collaboration using both interfaces.

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Enhance focus

The Rual Platform helps the developers to focus on the problem they are currently trying to solve. Never again wonder what framework or database to use.

Flexibile storage

Full insight into the state of your storages, how many documents you've stored, removed and will be purged within the next 24 hours.

Deploy one-click away

When you save any blueprint we'll automatically deploy your changes to production live and in realtime.
No delays, no downtime.

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