100% Fresh

Always up2date with fresh code

Using our platform you'll no longer be rebuilding your applications every 3 to 5 years before finance allows full deprecation because of some software version somewhere changed.

We'll be updating our software and architecture to the latest standards so you no longer have to. After 3 years you'll just pick up any blueprint and continue like nothing changed. Your developers can focus on tomorrows problems, no longer running behind all the time.

The things you've learned the hard way and already executed years ago, do not need to be refactored because "it is too old". Refactoring is the number 1 cause of issues in software. That thing you did 3 years ago and no-one documented? Well, you suddenly remember again when it is too late. No longer with Rual!

Team of Developers

Increased productivity on your team

Rual Platform will reduce the never ending demand of developers on your team. We've been that team searching for developers year on year and while these vacancies barely filled we still had to make our deadlines work.

We increase the productivity of a few people and lower the demand of more in a single team both in the same time. Allowing teams to have normal days off and regular working hours, without the business suffering.

Our blocks include a vast majority of the tools normally build by developers by hand. Using technical descriptions and still focusing on the technical aspect of our blocks, we allow developers across all programming languages to use our platform without a steep development curve.

You are no longer searching for a specific developer, any developer using any language will be familair with the technical terms used. A little search may be required from time to time, but that isn't any different to what they do now.

API Connectivity

Maximized connectivity with your applications

Adding connections to your existing applications hasn't been this easy for a while. Our platfom provides blocks that make connectivity to others a breace. Receiving updates from webhooks or posting to other APIs, one-click away.

Our API endpoints can be used to listen on webhooks of others, like Github or PLCs and processing this data in realtime to the appropriate business processes.

By default we've included full documented connections with service provides like Github, Discord, Hue and many more. You can just type Discord open a connection, provide an API key and off you go.

Using our thread manager opening a new thread, you'll be able to run connections like discord as long as the're alive. This enables you to monitor for specific commands in channels or engage with your users whenever they join a voice channel in discord, for example.

We'll be adding documented blocks as we grow, improve the connectivity of our platform and the ease of use to connect with different services without the need to implement their API logics.

Flow Storage Search

Easy in use Storage Management

Within the blueprints you'll be guided in the use of your storages. You can search, create, update, remove and get document across all storages at any given moment.

We'll automatically scale your shards to your needs to maximize performance and use hot-document caching to improve performance all round your blueprints.

You can use expiry to delete documents permanently at an exact moment in time and all modifications in any storage will be stored in our revisions storage free of charge.

Revisions enable you to find out who and why a modification was made including what blueprint triggered it. For example an on saved event could trigger a function the modifies the document, you'll find this trace back inthe revisions we generate.

Let's see if we can match your expectations.

We'll walk trough the basics of blueprinting with you.