Why RUAL you may ask.

Our Universal Application Language allows different apps to communicate flawlessly.

Automate your work

RUAL's speed is excellent for use with Process Control Equipment, integrating conveyor belt systems or voice picking in the workflow.

Bring new ideas to life

Sometimes the only way to test an idea is to make it work. Trail and error is the best way to see things come to life, RUAL allows all of it.

Renew trusted software

RUAL is excellent for modernisation of business applications. Start small and allow us to make you trust IT again.

Effortless development for busy professionals.

Focus on your customers, let us do the dirty IT work for you. We've been leading experts in IT applications while working for Google, KPN and smaller corporations to maximise our knowledge.We've developed RUAL as a solution to the never ending battle of programmers reinventing the wheel.

Quote of one of our customers:
"All our office and production software is built or embedded in Rual. We can do fine-tuning and add features continuously. The visual flow programming is so easy to understand, it's just really well thought out."

WK Heyl flower export

conveyor belts
blueprint example

Stay flexible. Always.

Lots of loyal customers, we all like that. In Rual you can make custom changes any time you like. The code in the blocks continuously renews to the latest version, so there is no need ever to re-write your entire app. Easily add new features and keep your customers happy.

"In competitive markets it is not the first mover but the fast mover that gets the business. Using Rual we can customize our scan-app for individual clients in just hours. This really improves our sales cycle."

BarTrack multi-supplier stock management app

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Focus on things that matter.

Rual streamlines your development, boosts your efficiency, and helps you get the job done faster. You can spend that time understanding your customers better. Got a nice idea? Build a prototype in production in no time. Seeing the real thing is the best way to communicate.

"Renewing both our webshop and logistic software, we feared a big hassle. However, the Rual team puts extreme effort in understanding our way of working. Our application is already so nice we can’t wait to start!"

Hoekhuis Bloemgroep gerbera specialist

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Amazon cloud web hosting is included in the Rual license fee. On-premise hosting or Microsoft Azure cloud is possible too.

RUAL. Development technology.

Search & Analytics

The Elasticsearch engine stores data as JSON documents. Indexing makes it easy to do complex queries and aggregations.

RUAL. Performance driven.

Node.js framework

The Node.js event-driven, non-blocking I/O model handles multiple requests at the same time. Efficiency guaranteed.

RUAL. Let's code together.


We are developers too.

Developers need full control of the tools they work with. That's cool. Because we built Rual to be in control. Our code blocks prevent typo's, pet project behavior and bad documented scribbles. Our dashboards let you know exactly how your application is running.

Rual is designed by René van Sweeden, our technical founder. The idea behind Rual is to improve development. You still benefit from your coding skills. Rual is not some new way to do old things. Rual is luxury code.

We know the struggle and understand how difficult it is to make applications do what customers want. That's where the focus needs to be.

Our team helps your team

Our first goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease using Rual. And next? To help you succeed in building amazing applications without the hassle of these days technical indecisiveness.

We provide community support, allowing your teams to communicate with our team in Discord channels. Dedicated support contracts cover architectural questions or build-phase related challenges.

We do everything inside and outside the lines to make sure your product will be as awesome, fast and responsive as we promised. We're not afraid to add new blocks on request and we'll absolutely pick up the phone when you call us.


Rual technology used

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