Simulate functions

The Rual Platform is designed from the ground up to make simulating data easy, our first code was built with improving the workflow in mind. These days we can't think of any other way of debugging our blocks. You simply choose a function to simulate and throw in (JSON) data. Data will be visualized in front of you, including for-loops and nested functions. Simulating your data allows live-debugging and combined with deployment one-click away, you're resolving production issues in minutes.


Before you can simulate your blueprint, you need to have a Function, Storage Event, Repeating Event, Page, etc. (an action with an 'Use for simulation' button on it.

The moment you want to simulate the selected function, press the button Use for simulation, a modal will open. Within simulating your functions there are three different modes. By defaut the simulation mode is selected. When you want to change the mode, click the Edit execution mode button. In here you see the other 2 modes you can choose, and the one currently selected.

  • Simulation Mode
  • Debug Mode
  • Production Mode

Simulation mode

In this mode you'll be able to simulate data and we'll act like storage create, update and remove worked to make it easier for you.

Debug mode

Using this mode is rare, but sometimes you want to run your blocks trough production with the advantage of simulation.

Production mode

You'll be able to mass-remove your test data or anything that requires production data. You just don't want to make a button for it for others to see.

Executing Simulation
Once you selected the mode you want to use for this simulation, you can click on Execute in {{Selected Mode}}. The bigger the function or search is, the longer it will take to finish the simulation. When the simulation is finished, the time taken to simulate the function will be shown in the bottom left corner, every outpin connected with the flow will show the data it gives in production. When simulating storage: search or get document(s) the results will be shown directly from the out pin. The outpin does not have to be connected to anything like the rest of the blocks to show data. When simulating the use of 'hard code' data can be used.


The blueprints can be run in production mode. This means everytime you run the simulation and storage updaters are run the data will change to what your function does. Becarefull using production simulation and only use it when you are sure you wont cause problems.