UI Events

Use events on UI Elements

Different event types

All events available in RUAL are categorised in three different types of events, the General events which can be used on divs. Click events which can be used on clickable components like: buttons, hyperlinks and google maps: markers. And last Input events these can be used on all input types.


General events

The general events have three types you can select from, the first to are self explaining: on mouseenter on mouseleave. The on visible event will execute when the element is visible on the page.
Each general event also has an in-pin: On-time. When this pin is set to true the function will only be called once per page load.


Click events

Just like the general events, the left and right click events also are self explaining. Middle click will execute when the middle mouse button is clicked. double click will execute when you double click your left mouse button.


Input events

Just like before the events are self explaining. There is only one difference in one of the events. on keyup has an extra in-pin: Timeout. This pin can be filled with any amount of time in milliseconds the function will wait to execute after no keys are pressed.


Bind keys

General events and Click events both have the options to add a Bind keys event to the component. This allows you to add a set of keypresses to the component. When these exact keys are pressed the event will execute. To add a set of key presses, hit the empty button and press the keys you want to use at the same time.