Simulate functions

Use simulation data to check the flow of functions

What is simulation?

With RUAL you get the option to simulate all your functions in the blueprint. With simulation you can run the selected function and see the flow of the function with all the data that is being used. The flow of the simulation is easily followed by the dotted white line.

When the function has parameters, you can run it with custom data. This allows you to really simulate a function how it will be used in production.

While simulating a function every out-pin with data, will show the data to the right of the pin. Some of these data card have a small green icon on the right side, this means it is pre-compiled. You can click this data card and it will open a modal with the values or a new window depending on how big the data is. Opening in new window will only happen when you see { huge object } as value.


Add values to parameters

Like said before, every function with parameters can be modified to simulate it with specific data. To fill these pins with data you will have to go to the function you want to simulate. In this function click on the three dots to open a small menu to the right. In the menu you have 4 options, select the last option play simulation

You are now in the simulation settings modal, here you can modify the simulation modes but also the parameters. Find the parameter name you want to edit and click on it. In the textarea you can paste the data you want to use for that parameter. Beaware that you have to put the right data in the right data type, values always needs to start and end with ", objects always needs to start with { and end with } , arrays always needs to start with [ and end with ].


Simulation modes

In this mode you'll be able to simulate data and we'll act like storage create, update and remove worked to make it easier for you.

Using this mode is rare, but sometimes you want to run your blocks trough production with the advantage of simulation.

You'll be able to mass-remove your test data or anything that requires production data. You just don't want to make a button for it for others to see.



The blueprints can be run in production mode. This means everytime you run the simulation and storage updaters are run the data will change to what your function does. Becarefull using production simulation and only use it when you are sure you wont cause problems.

The simulation controls

When you simulate a function a control bar will be added to the bottom of the screen. In this control bar three buttons are added that you can use while the function is in simulation.

reset data, when this button is clicked it will stop the simulation mode and set the blueprint back to its original state. Next to reset data you will see the time it took to run the simulation.

re-run, this will re-run the simulation with the same data, when you made some changes in the flow you can click this button to quickly see the new results.

modify simulation data, when you want to change the parameter data in you simulation, you can click this button. It will open the simulation settings modal.