API Requests

Use external API's in your application

API Requests

API Requests might be one of the important parts of an application. In RUAL you can use the webhooks HTTP actions, shown to the right, for your API calls. These can be used with any API.

URL will contain the URL of the API you want to use.
Query Strings needs to be filled with the data fields the API accepts
Headers represent the meta-data associated with the API request and response
Body contains information you want to be sent to the server.
Skip Ssl will ignore the ssl certificates.

These actions are flow actions. This means you can execute the API's anywhere you like, on page load, on button click, etc.


License check example

To show in a simple way how you can use an API, we have created a blueprint that uses a Dutch license check API. This API returns information about the entered license plate number, make or model of the car. For more information about this api you can Click Here

This example blueprint can be found in your cluster, this way you can look for yourself how it is used. If you want to see the result of this example you can go tho This page


Built in API's

In RUAL you don't have to make every API call with the webhooks actions. Some of the most known API's are already built in in RUAL and are easy to use. In the Block docs you can search for the API you want to use and see what actions are made for the API. In the image you can see an overview of some of the API's built in RUAL. If there is an API not yet in RUAL you can contact us.