Learn how to use Rual from basic to advanced.


Menus and shortcuts

Rual cluster menu

Introduction to the main elements of your Rual cluster.

Blueprint menu

Start visual coding and learn to navigate efficiently.

Blueprint blocks

Learn how to read colors, create and connect blocks and use pin and block menus.

Our promise: plug & play

Rual is a robust, accessible development base. Open in your browser and start building your first page within 5 minutes!

Rual. Development technology.

Build future proof applications

Scale effortlessly whenever needed. Never refactor code again. Pay only for active users and storage. Rual fits your future size.

Rual. Performance driven.

Make teamwork productive

Edit realtime with 2, 3 or more. Prototype and build at once. Engage your whole team: developers, designers and product owners.

Rual. Let's code together.

Basic Rual Developer

Managing data

Data storage

Create storages, fields and documents.
Learn about meta data and safeguard the one source of truth for every data value.

Document events

Simultaneous updates that actually work.
Automate workflows by using document events.

Data revisions

Set extensive audit trails when necessary.
Give access to authorized users only.

Data expiry

Set automated expiry conditions.
Learn to restore manually deleted documents and how to delete data forever.


Use queries to search storages, filter data or provide statistics.
Use results at scale with search streaming.


Explore our datatable, field card and charts.
Customize your application with the versatile rowrenderer. Manual export options.

Data import

Explore upload methods and formats.
Parse data to storage documents or add files like PDF and pictures.

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