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mapbox: map

Basic Map

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Enter the mapbox token
Map Style
Select which map style you want
The default center latitude location
The default center longitude location
The default zoom level
Pitch (optional)
The pitch level in degrees
Bearing (optional)
The bearing level in degrees
User location control (optional)
When true, it shows an icon in the top right corner to shows the live location of the user in the map with a small blue dot
Disable dragging (optional)
When true, the map cannot be dragged to pan
Disable pitching (optional)
When true, the user cannot pitch the map
MinZoom (optional)
The minimum zoom level (0-24)
MaxZoom (optional)
The maximum zoom level (0-24)
Zoom on center instead of mouse pos (optional)
When true, the user is only able to zoom on the center point. Not the mouse position

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