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Advanced Table: Datatable

A complete data table including filters, sorting, and searchbar.

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From which storage do you want the data to be loaded
Choose the columns you want to show
Search Fields (optional)
Fields that will be searched on in addition to the column fields
Filters (optional)
Choose the filters you want to expose to the user
Column Render (optional)
Choose the columns you want to define your own html for. If a field is used for the action but not selected here it will just show the default value for that action
Row Render (optional)
Accepts a function that returns a row
Query (optional)
Query used as a base for the datatable
Rows Per Page (optional)
Number of results per page in the table
Hide controls (optional)
Hides the datatable controls (filters button, search bar, pagination).
Minimize filters (optional)
By default all filters will be visible, setting this to true will minimize the filters on datatable load.
Inline Edit (optional)
Columns that will be used for inline editing. Only basic text, number or date editing is allowed. For every advanced implementation an extra modal or page should be used.
Inline Edit Scope (optional)
The scope needed for inline editing.
Remove scope (optional)
Exact scope the user needs to match with to be able to remove items within this datatable.
Hide Checkbox (optional)
If set to true, the checkbox will be removed from the datatable
Hide Remove (optional)
If set to true, the remove button will be removed from the datatable, even for admins
Show reload button (optional)
If set to true, the reload button will be shown on the top of the datatable
Detail Button (optional)
If given, a detail button will show which runs the connected function on click.
Edit Button (optional)
If given, an edit button will show which runs the connected function on click.
Search Input Outlet (optional)
This makes it possible to prefill an input with the search result or update it via the blueprints when searching in a datatable
On change (optional)
Function will execute every time the content of the datatable changes (on search or on filter).

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