Data revisions

Set extensive audit trails when necessary.
Give access to authorized users only.

Audit trail

Enabling revisions results in an audit trail for every document stored. You can see on what moment and by whom mutations were made. Rual stores the previous and the new value for every mutation.

Storage settings

You probably do not need an audit trail for every storage. In Rual you can enable/disable revisions in the storage details. You will find the storage details by clicking on the storage name in the storages overview.

Skip revisions incidentally

It is possible to set an option to skip the revisions in the update document block that you use to save changes. This is useful if you integrate automated updates.

Limit revision expiry

The revision expiry is also something you can set per storage, ranging from 1 day to 8 years. Please note that the available periods are limited by your license type.

Frontend access

You can see the revision history of a document in the frontend. Use the menu that opens on right mouse click, choose revisions and open the history. Click on an item to see the details.

Revisions scope

Per web page or datatable you can set user authorization scopes on the revision history. By default, revisions are only visible if you have developer scopes, so normal users don't have access.

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