Data expiry

Set automated expiry conditions.
Learn to restore manually deleted documents and how to delete data forever.

Automated expiry

Some documents are only relevant for a limited time. A daily transport schedule or an order picking document can be removed after a few days. In Rual you can set the expiry date for a document when you create or update a document.

Change expiry settings

Once you set the expiry date for a document, it will remain set unless the expiry date is renewed upon document update. If you want to remove the expiry date, you can do this by updating the document with expiry date never.

Restore documents

A deleted document will show up again if you search on the _meta.removed date field. You can use the block restore document or restore multiple documents to put them back.

Remove definitely

Manually deleted documents can still be retrieved, unless you set the expiry date on removal to date now. This will delete the documents entirely without the possibility to restore them.

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