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order picking.

Devote more time to strategizing for your business, and less time on managing code, deployment, database scaling, hot and cold storage, and application speed optimization. RUAL handles all these aspects, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations.

Enable developers
in innovative ways.

Collaborate in real time, enabling developers and product owners to create, visualize, and test products in innovative ways. Maintain efficiency as your company expands, providing everyone with visibility throughout the process.

webshop orders.

Construct fully automated webshop workflows for your business, encompassing order picking and inbound order processing. With RUAL, experience an increase in orders through a faster webshop, seamlessly connected to the custom-built ERP back-end. No external integrations are needed, allowing you to be less reliant on others and focus on your own business.

Saved employees
thousand of hours.

Enhance operational efficiency by developing tailored internal tools for organizations, thereby reducing support ticket resolution time by significant percentages daily.

Building great
product businesses.

Construct consistent, reliable user experiences across the product suite. Enjoy uniform, high-quality interactions throughout the platform regardless of the product segment you are utilizing.

Auditing built-in

Maintain awareness during development without extra effort.

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Most frequent questions

I ran into a bug!

You can always reach out to our development team on Discord or submit a ticket to our technical support team. Our team is available 24/7, globally, on standby. We'll find a moment to review your bug report. If your organization has a Service Level Agreement (SLA), please contact us through the appropriate channels.

Do you publish release notes?

Certainly! For major updates, we document all modifications to our platform on the release notes page. Minor changes are included within the major release notes, rather than being released separately as we deploy. Our deployments occur several times a week, with our releases serving as a compiled list of changes that have transpired over time.

Can I request a block?

While many tasks can be accomplished with more abstract blocks, having a complex block that groups these logics can sometimes simplify matters. If the block you require has broader utility, our team will certainly consider adding it. Feel free to send us a block request.