About us

Who's Rual

How Rual started.

As technical lead, René has been looking for ways to enhance developer's productivity at every company he worked for. After several years of gaining business experience with his own hosting company, he started WeHandcraft in 2015, determined to find a better and smarter way to build applications.

The real breakthrough came while building a small game as a side project, using blueprints from Unreal Engine. An accessible game development tool translated to business applications: that was the approach he had been hunting for years.

That same night Rual as we now know it, was born. The first blocks were created and we've been building back-ends in blocks since then.

René van Sweeden

Founder, building on years of technical and business experience. He knows who to hire and fire to create an excellent team. Has a good eye for market opportunities and is happy to share these with his customers.

Dominique Henkes

Combining a degree in International Business Administration with 11 years of technical experience, he knows what it takes to scale fast and keep servers running with enterprise level security and reliability.


Rual is more than just work.

Our mission is to provide a better way of working. For you, experiencing the ease of Rual Studio & Platform. For our Rual team by balancing the fun things like rummikub with interesting code challenges.

We have our office in a house with a fully equipped kitchen and a nice garden. Everyone works at times that fit for them: some early, some very, very late. But always in a place that feels like home.

At Rual everyone starts at the same salary. We pay a fair base and share revenue with all employees.

We hope to continue the steady growth of our company and team, providing tools for productivity improvement to both customers and employees. In the long term we envision building houses for our employees, thus sharing an environment where creativity can spark new developments.