René van Sweeden, Founder

How the idea started

With years of technical experience René van Sweeden had been trying to create a way for developers to be more productive in about any company he worked. Trying to find better and smarter ways to built things.

A few years ago trying to built a small game for fun on the side with Dominique Henkes, he found the perfect solution to the problem he's been seeing for years. Blueprinting. Inspired by Unreal Engine, René could finally provide business people with insights in the technical side of things without being too technical about it.

That same night the Rual platform as we now know it, was born. The first blocks were created and everyone was skeptical about it as with all ideas. We've rebuild our back-end in blocks and been using nothing else since!

Our leading team

René van Sweeden

As founder with 18 years of technical and business experience, he knows who to hire and fire, what skills are required and understands the market.

Dominique Henkes

With 11 years of technical experience, he understands what it takes to scale fast and keep servers running across enterprises with tight security.

Suzanne Tersteeg

With 32 years of operational and finance experience, she knows what to measure, track, to what cost and how to expand ensuring smooth operations.


Our mission and goal

We try to make developing applications easier for everyone but primarily developers. We do believe people with knowledge of the processes will help and guide developers, using blueprints they can have a look at flows and improve them as we go.

Our primary mission is to enhance developer productivity and provide tools to make it easier for developers and other teams to work together. Removing a lot of complexity and overhead whenever businesses use our platform. We support developers in their questions and application building and will make developers grow using our combined technical knowledge in various fields.

We've experience first hand how difficult it is to be building applications without enough hands that can help you, everywhere we see developer vacancies for the wrong type of programing language or too much travel.

Providing a platform like rual, allows people to be more productive and spend more time doing what they love doing while having enough time to take days-off and enjoy life too without the business suffering.

Let's see if we can match your expectations.

We'll walk trough the basics of blueprinting with you.